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Gambling has been around since the dawn of time. But it has become extremely popular in recent decades. Several categories have taken shape in the gaming world and thrill players around the world who are attracted to big winnings like a mosquito to light. We find sports betting, horse racing betting, the lottery, scratch games, land-based casinos, poker, online casinos and many other disciplines that are the dream of all those who try their luck.

There are still certain countries or regions of the world in which gambling is limited, banned or prohibited. These obstacles generally come from a fear on the part of the State concerned of seeing their population become addicted to gambling. But also due to moral or religious convictions. On the other hand, other countries have democratized this universe. To the point that gambling has become a social phenomenon, which has grown more and more during the last century.

Australia, the Country That Plays the Most

We’re not going to lie to you, we were extremely surprised to learn that the country that indulges in gambling the most is none other than… Australia! Indeed, the largest country in Oceania has gradually become a land of gambling. Both for millions of tourists and for locals who take pleasure in trying their luck several times a week. The figures are simply impressive. No less than 80% of Australian adults play regularly!

This percentage can be explained by the rise in power of physical casinos during the 90s. Indeed, many gaming establishments already existed before. However, the construction of giant and brand new casinos across the country accelerated the process. In addition, a few years ago Australia became the country with the largest number of slot machines in the world. The legislation has also evolved in this direction. No ban is yet in effect with regard to online gambling. Even if an ongoing fight against money laundering is being waged.

The United Kingdom, Bets In All Directions

In the world of gambling, certain countries are renowned for their specific games, for their casinos, for their legislation regarding online games or for their wide choice regarding bets of all kinds. Well, a region of the world brings together all the elements that we have just listed. We are obviously talking about the United Kingdom! This monarchy has made it a habit to allow its inhabitants or visitors very easy access to this constantly growing environment.

Just over a third of British adults gamble every week. This percentage can be significantly increased if lottery and bingo are taken into account. These statistics can be explained by the geographical proximity that the inhabitants of the United Kingdom have to the different places where one can play. Indeed, bookmakers are present almost everywhere. Particularly in England where sports and horse racing betting rooms number in the thousands. This is in addition to casinos which are also very popular.

There are also many land-based casinos. But what has caused the scores to explode in recent years is obviously the offer of sports betting. But also of online casinos in the United Kingdom. Locals love these types of sites. Over the years, they have become real benchmarks for gambling across the Channel. This progression is evidenced by the jerseys of many Premier League teams. They promote online betting sites and some even rename their stadium using the name of famous bookmakers!

But if gambling is so popular in the United Kingdom, it is mainly because in this region you can bet on anything and everything! Indeed, the different bookmakers allow you to bet on the odds of the most classic sports. But you can also try your luck on more unusual sports. eSports or even greyhound races which are a local specialty, for example.

India and Japan, Specialists In original Games

Certain regions of the globe have their own operations regarding gambling. They are passionate about online games and table games that we do not necessarily know in the West. This is the case of India, an Asian country in which the gambling culture is omnipresent. Indeed, the second most populous country in the world has had to face increased demand for more than a century and a half, due to a British colonial empire which transmitted this passion to the locals.

Gambling has long been banned in India, with heavy penalties for violations at illegal establishments. However, so many players take risks that flexibility is granted. In addition, the law regarding the authorization or prohibition of online casinos is constantly changing, which is why some wealthy Indians go abroad to try their luck on very original games, which they are particularly fond of.

If you are familiar with the world of online casinos, then you have undoubtedly noticed that many table games have been designed and feature the theme of India and its customs, just like other Asian countries. This is the case of Teen Patty, Fan Tan or even Super Andar Bahar, an extremely popular game in India which was put online by the very famous live games provider Evolution Gaming.

Japan is also a rather unique country when it comes to gambling. Indeed, the country of the Rising Sun has its own games in places regulated and controlled by the State to limit the addiction of its inhabitants. However, a small subtlety has crept into this operation since gambling is officially prohibited in Japan, under penalty of receiving a fine of just over 500,000 Yen ($3,200). Worse still, repeat offenders face up to 3 years in prison!

The trick is quite simple since upon arrival at the gaming establishments, the Japanese must change their money for tokens or marbles and must proceed in the same way at the end of their session. This is an alternative way to allow locals and tourists to play their money without putting their tickets directly into a gaming machine.

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