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The roulette playing mat is one of the emblematic symbols of the famous table game.

The Different Roulette Mats

Roulette playing mats differ depending on the variations of the game. Whether European, American or French roulette, each has specific provisions for betting and particular rules.


French Roulette Mat

The French roulette mat is specific to this variation of the game, known for its unique rules and distinct betting options. Divided into sections, it has areas for indoor and outdoor betting.

Inside bets are placed on solid numbers or specific sets of numbers, while outside bets cover groups of numbers, such as reds or blacks, evens or odd.

The mat also has special locations for bets specific to French roulette. We can in particular cite the placing “in prison”. It allows players to recover half of their bet if the ball lands on zero, otherwise, the bet remains in prison for the next round.

American Roulette Mat

The American roulette table is similar to the European version, but with a slightly different layout. The main distinction is the presence of an additional box with the number double zero (00), in addition to the usual zero. This increases the house edge and affects players’ chances of winning.

Otherwise, the mat is divided into sections for inside and outside betting, offering a range of betting options from single bets on individual numbers to bets on sets like reds or blacks, evens or odd. Players can also make special bets that cover series of numbers depending on their layout on the table.

Although American roulette is less player-friendly due to the presence of the double zero, it still remains quite popular.

English Roulette Mat

The English roulette table is also similar to that of European roulette, but with some small differences. Unlike American roulette, it only has a single zero (0), which reduces the house edge and slightly improves players’ chances.

The mat is also divided into sections for inside and outside betting.

A unique feature of English roulette is the use of different colored chips for each player, making it easier to identify individual bets.

Overall, the English roulette mat is like the game itself, simple to understand. This allows it to attract a large number of players.

The Roulette Wheel As a Dealer’s Tool

Just like the stack, the dealer is an essential element of roulette. He is responsible for spinning the wheel, throwing the ball and announcing the results of the spins.

In addition to this, the dealer also manages players’ bets on the roulette table. He ensures that bets are placed before betting ends and collects them once the round is over.

The dealer often uses a rake to collect losing chips and distribute winnings to winners.

The dealer is also responsible for interacting with the players, answering their questions, explaining the rules of the game and creating a pleasant and entertaining atmosphere around the table.

In summary, the dealer is the master of the game, ensuring the smooth running of the game and facilitating the gaming experience for players around the roulette table.

How to choose a roulette wheel at a casino?

Choosing a roulette wheel at an online casino requires taking several factors into account.

First of all, regarding the casino itself, make sure that it is reputable, licensed and regulated to guarantee fair and secure gaming.

Next, check the available roulette variants, such as European, American or French roulette, and choose the one that best suits your gaming preferences.

Also look for varied betting options to suit your budget and playing style. Some casinos also offer live roulette versions with real dealers, which adds an immersive dimension to the gaming experience.

Also, don’t forget to check out the available bonuses and promotions, as well as the available deposit and withdrawal methods.

By paying attention to these elements, you will be able to choose an online roulette mat that offers you an optimal gaming experience.

The Arrangement Of the Numbers On the Mat

The arrangement of numbers on the roulette mats varies depending on the variation of the game.

In European and French roulette, the numbers 1 to 36 are arranged randomly, alternating between red and black boxes, with the exception of zero (0) which is green.

In American roulette, in addition to zero (0), there is an additional box with a double zero (00), thus increasing the house’s chances. The numbers are arranged similarly, but with the addition of the double zero.

This arrangement influences the winning probabilities and the house edge in each variation.

The American vs French Version

The French and American roulette mat have similarities with sections for inside and outside bets, but differ in their number arrangement.

French roulette has a single zero (0) and arranges the numbers randomly on the table, with boxes alternating between red and black.

In contrast, American roulette has an extra slot with a double zero (00), increasing the house edge. The numbers are also arranged in a similar way, but with the addition of the double zero.

This difference influences the winning probabilities and the house edge, making French roulette more favorable to players.

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