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Without a doubt, knowledge is a fundamental tool to be a successful gambler. One of the best ways to acquire this knowledge is through sports betting books. They are great allies that help you understand all the market movements as well as the tactical workings of games, so you can make much more assertive assessments and predictions.

In addition, many books work on the emotional part, which needs to be balanced in order to make the right decisions amidst the agility and risks of the betting market.


Tactics Books

It is important to have books that will give you more details about a particular sport. After all, this will affect your ability to judge who will do well in the game, and consequently, how to find the best odds to bet at.

The Numbers of the Game by Chris Anderson and David Sally.

This is one of the most well-known sports betting books on the market. There you will find information on corners, dribbles, passes and tactical formations.

Therefore, you will stay up to date with the most important soccer statistics here. You will also know crucial details that lead a team to victory.

Inverted pyramid by Jonathan Wilson

More focused on tactics, the books brings the history and transformations of the systems. You’re sure to learn more about the distribution of players on the field, movements, and other fundamental aspects of a game.

Soccer, Art and Science, by Marcos Reis

This book shows soccer as both art and science. In it, Marcos Reis, in collaboration with Marcos Bezerra, brings a technical and strategic vision of game models in soccer, accompanying all the tactical construction behind the preparation of a team before the game.

This analysis will certainly help you better understand the tactical construction of a match, facilitating the evaluation of the performance of the games and, consequently, the reading of the probabilities.

The Brazilian School of Football, by Paulo Vinícius Coelho

Written by sports journalist Paulo Vinícius Coelho, A Escola Brasileira de Futebol provides a complete overview of the Brazilian style of ball play.

The author analyzes the tactical plans of several major teams, including the Brazilian national team, to understand how the soccer “school” works in the country, which is responsible for training so many brilliant players.

To do this, Paulo Vinícius Coelho brings data from Brazilian soccer from the 20th century to the present. It is a very thorough and in-depth analysis that is worth reading.

Books for the mind

Emotions are also crucial to make money with sports betting. After all, it is necessary to develop a routine, change habits and keep calm so as not to be impulsive in times of losses or gains.

Mindset by Carol S. Dweck

The author of this book discusses how mental mindset is fundamental to success. Here you will better understand the difference that makes in the way we deal with goals.

It also explains why we are optimistic or pessimistic and how we can achieve our potential.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

Already in Duhigg’s work, you can see how routine affects your life. That is, when people changed their habits and stopped doing some things, they started to be successful. It will surely be a great help for your everyday life.

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